Meat & Seafood

Behind the Meat Counter


Quality Products & Old Fashioned Service

What makes Lakewinds meat department special? It’s little things, like sharing our knowledge with customers, and big things, too—like building relationships with producers to ensure everything we sell meets our co-op’s high standards.

Every day, our butchers put care into making your next meal delicious, nutritious and humane. Cutting, preparing and packaging meats in the traditional way is not a thing of the past at Lakewinds. Our professional butchers are skilled in the art of preparing fine cuts with minimal waste. Educating customers about lesser-known cuts of meat is another important service we offer. From the nutrient-rich qualities of organ meats, to slower cooking methods for less-expensive cuts, Lakewinds butchers know their stuff.

We care deeply about where our meat comes from and how it’s raised. At Lakewinds, you’ll find grass-fed, certified-organic and all natural meats in a variety of  cuts, all free of antibiotics and added hormones. Our butchers cultivate relationships with local producers and vendors who share our commitment to humane animal treatment and sustainable farming or ranching practices. These relationships not only provide a higher-quality product than is available in a conventional market, they help regional farmers keep money in their communities. Providing local, healthy meat often means better pricing as well as more versatility and freshness in cuts.

Supporting sustainable seafood practices is also important to us. Our seafood offerings change with the season, based on wild caught and harvested catching—ensuring you get the healthiest, freshest seafood possible.

Not sure what’s for dinner? Our butchers make the decision a little simpler by preparing fresh and delicious ready-to-prepare items for our customers. For every housemade sausage, chorizo and meatball, our butchers create a signature spice blend or mix using the same high standards of product quality. Fresh vegetables, herbs and spices are prepared daily for stuffing and breading blends. We also craft rubs and brines to use in your own kitchen and on your grill.

Preparing and selling the best organic meat is a tradition we proudly uphold at Lakewinds. Stop by the meat counter to see how we do it next time you’re in store.