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Duck eggs are the ultimate egg- they contain nearly double the protein of a chicken egg, they are rich with monounsaturated fats, and very high in B Vitamins. Duck eggs can be used in all they ways you’d enjoy chicken eggs, but their larger yolk and higher fat content give them a wonderful character that is winning over chefs and consumers alike.

Among the biggest fans are pastry chefs. The higher protein and fat content make them ideal in baked goods, leading to extra fluffy and moist cakes, brownies and cookies; and their yolks are thick, rich and custardy – perfect when making cream and custard fillings. Additionally, gluten free baking greatly benefits from the use of duck eggs. The added protein in the whites will help bind the gluten free ingredients better and causes the texture to be lighter, fluffier, and more like wheat based cakes and other baked goods.

In addition to having more protein than chicken eggs, they also have a different protein than chicken eggs – making them a less offensive food allergen.  Many people with chicken egg allergies or sensitivities seek out duck eggs for this reason.

The easiest way to enjoy duck eggs is frying, the gentle cooking best highlights their incredible texture. Heat a pan (we use cast iron) on medium until warm, add a bit of olive oil or butter, and then crack the duck egg in the pan. Sprinkle on salt and pepper, and break the yolk if desired.  As soon as the white starts to turn from clear to opaque, carefully turn the egg over and turn off the heat. Let it finish cooking in the warm pan for another minute, then enjoy on toast, or atop a steamy bowl of grits and feta cheese with a veggie scramble, or on cornmeal pancakes with salsa. You can use duck eggs in any recipe, just be prepared for unforgettably delicious results!

We get our duck eggs from "Living the Dream" Farm, named because Khaiti & Andrew French are living their dream raising ducks and farming.  They started farming in 2006 and purchased their current 39 acre farm, located in West Central Wisconsin, in 2010. In addition to pastured duck eggs, they also raise pastured pigs, geese, turkeys, chickens and chemical free produce for their small scale CSA program. They work in harmony with their pastured animals to provide a wonderful life for them, fertility for their gardens, amazing food for their customers and a healthy contribution to our environment.