Grant Program

Field Fund Grant Program

Reflecting our co-op principles and goals, Lakewinds has committed to support the local farming community through the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund (LOFF).   The LOFF is a grant program designed to provide funding for farmers who are working on the development and sustainability of organics through research and development, organic certification, transitioning farms from conventional to organic, creating new farms and land trusts for organic farms. If you review the current grantees and their projects below, you’ll see that Lakewinds is open to new farmers as well as established, and wants to serve a wide variety of needs.

Lakewinds’ Organic Field Fund is open to all farmers and farming associations, but preference will be given for farmers and farming organizations located in Minnesota, northern Iowa, and western Wisconsin.

“Our goal for this grant program was to strengthen our support of the local farming industry. Supporting the local food system is an integral part of who we are as a natural foods co-op,”
-Dale Woodbeck, General Manager

More detailed information on the 2014 Lakewinds Organic Field Fund Grant Program Here

Announcing the 2014 Lakewinds Organic Field Fund Recipients:

Lakewinds Natural Foods is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Lakewinds Organic Field Fund (LOFF). The three groups together received $22,000 in recognition of the work each group is doing towards a collective goal of producing locally grown, organic and sustainable foods, a key value for Lakewinds.

Lakewinds is proud to grant funding to the following farms and organizations that share our passion for organic food, land stewardship, sustainable agriculture, new farms, and a greater access to healthy food in our communities.  Our eight (8) recipients will receive funds totaling nearly $25,000 toward their diverse and valuable projects.


Bossy Acres – Northfield, MN

  • Bossy Acres began in 2011 and has a simple mission “To nourish our community one seed at a time.”  They have a thriving CSA program and are working toward organic certification.  Additionally, their produce can be found at local co-ops and restaurants.
  • LOFF is funding their project of improving overall post-harvest handling processes including food safety, food storage, and food quality.

Morning Sun Farms – Frederic, WI

  • Morning Sun Farms has a diverse farm including micro-greens, chickens, eggs, market vegetables, and maple syrup.  Lakewinds was their first account, purchasing micro-greens.
  • LOFF is funding their project of building a pack-house to improve post-harvest handling of vegetables.

Seed to Seed LLC – Clear Lake, WI

  • Seed to Seed’s mission statement is “The best varieties, the best quality – every time.”  The dedicate a portion of their resources to the important task of plant breeding and seed saving.
  • LOFF is funding their organic certification process.

Buttermilk Falls CSA Farm – Osceola, WI

  • Buttermilk Falls is transitioning their farm to certified organic, and is working with community organizations in south and central Minneapolis to provide food for low income communities and families.
  • LOFF is funding their organic certification process.

Fox and Fawn Farm – New Germany, MN

  • Fox and Fawn Farm has been operating a CSA for five years.  They are diversifying by planting new and uncommon fruit and vegetable crops, not typically found in this region.
  • LOFF is funding year one of their new crops planting project.

Land Stewardship Project – Minneapolis, MN

  • Land Stewardship Project seeks to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable farming, and to develop healthy communities.
  • LOFF is funding their Community-Based Food Systems, adding three small-scale food hub nodes in the rural communities of west central Minnesota.

Alternative Roots Farm – Madelia, MN

  • Alternative Roots Farm began in 2011 as a CSA, and has expanded to Farm Shares (drawdown credits), farmer’s market sales, and some local restaurant sales.  Their goals are greater accessibility to nutritious and sustainable produce, while fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship.
  • LOFF is funding their organic certification process.

Minnesota Food Association (MFA) – Marine on St. Croix, MN

  • Since 1983, MFA has fulfilled their mission “to build a more sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice through training, education and partnerships.”  Their focus is on providing new farmers access to certified organic land through their Land-Based Farm Incubator program.
  • LOFF is funding their assisting new farms in the transition to organic certification, as well as training and education programs.