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We LOVE Gardening!

By Amy Haggerty on June 19, 2014 0 Comment
Susan's (Chanhassen Grocery Manager) Vegetable Garden

Susan's (Chanhassen Grocery Manager) Vegetable Garden

Home gardening is growing, no pun intended. According to the National Garden Association, 1 in 3 households are now growing food—the highest overall participation in a decade.

The reasons why people participate in gardening vary. Many love the satisfaction of growing their own food, some love the free “therapy” gardening provides, others find it a great way to teach their children about healthy food choices and hands-on learning. And then there are the pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc)—we all have read how their numbers are declining and growing garden is one way we can help. Whether you grow flowers or a vegetable garden, it all needs to be pollinated and provides much needed food to our insect friends.

Whatever your reason for gardening, you are sure to be enthusiastic about it and Lakewinds shares your enthusiasm! From our GM to front end staff, there are many gardeners among Lakewinds employees and we thought we would share our gardens with you, hoping that the gardening bug will be contagious. We will continue to post progress on our gardens throughout the summer.


Patty’s (Wellness Manager) Vegetable Garden


Amy H’s (Marketing Specialist) Vegetable & Herb Garden


Andy’s (Head Baker) Vegetable Garden


Amy C’s (Marketing Manager) Vegetable Garden


Jill’s (Community & Events) Vegetable Garden


Jill’s (Community & Events) Fairy Garden

Dale's (General Manager) Herb Garden

Dale’s (General Manager) Herb & Vegetable Garden


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