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Winter Skin Care: Natural Tips from the Co-op

By Amy Haggerty on January 13, 2015 0 Comment

Our skin is the body’s largest organ—it acts as a water resistant, insulating shield, protecting the body against extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. But the dry air and chilly temperatures of winter can really test the limits of this protection, leaving us itchy and chapped. Since it protects US, it makes sense that […]Read More »

Holiday Survival Guide – Top 10 Winter Wellness Finds

By Amy Haggerty on December 9, 2014 1 Comment

This is one time of year when you really want to feel your best. But travel, family gatherings, gift shopping and numerous get-togethers can be minefields of health woes—from cold and flu bugs to hangovers. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to staying well this winter and enjoying it all. Here’s your cheat sheet […]Read More »

Natural Cold and Flu Relief

By Amy Haggerty on December 1, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Jill Krantz – Events and Community Relations Coordinator The winter months bring more indoor time, more over-indulging, less sunlight and less activity. All of those factors add up to the sum of: You’re Probably Going To Get Sick. Whenever possible, dealing common cold and virus symptoms at home can be an easy, inexpensive and […]Read More »

Winter Mood Boosters – “Staying Positive when it’s Negative”

By Amy Haggerty on February 28, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Jen Hanson – Lakewinds Food Content Coordinator This will not be a scholarly article on the specific mood boosting properties of ingredients in the food we eat, it won’t be about the nutritional value of the vitamins in our foods. I am not a nutritionist nor do I play one on TV so I won’t […]Read More »

Spicy-Soothing Tea

By Amy Haggerty on December 3, 2013 1 Comment

Need a quick inexpensive, homemade tea, made easily from ingredients in your own kitchen? Full of spicy aromatic ingredients, it revs up the internal furnace of the body to fight off sickness, soothe sore throats, ease coughs, and of course hydrates. The three main ingredients are pictured above.  Make sure you have a jar of […]Read More »