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Makeup Clean Up: Discovering Better Beauty Products Part 2

By Amanda Paa on February 3, 2016 2 Comments
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Because of harsh chemicals in makeup, I wore little or no cosmetics for about a year. However, I recently decided that instead of omitting makeup, I would find better, natural beauty products. I knew that Lakewinds thoroughly assesses its skincare products and holds them to the highest safety standards, so I went there to start […]Read More »

New Year, New (Healthy) Skin

By Katie Volney on January 27, 2016 0 Comment

With the New Year, we’re all being more conscious of what we put in our bodies, but what you put ON your body can be just as important. While none of the products we carry in our stores contain any of the harmful additives below, we’ve outlined them so you can check the labels of […]Read More »

Veriditas Botanicals | Local Producer Q&A

By Renee Whisnant on January 22, 2016 0 Comment
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    Speaking with Melissa Farris, you quickly grasp her passion for her life’s work. Part chemist and herbalist, part innovative business owner, 100% environmentalist, Farris is the founder of Veriditas Botanicals. She’s also the U.S. agent for S.A. Plantes Aromatics du Diois (SAPAD). The largest selling EO cooperative in the world, SAPAD sells over one-third of […]Read More »

Natural Wellness Ideas for Winter

By Constance Carlson on December 29, 2015 0 Comment

The first three months of the year in Minnesota can be some of the toughest to feel well and stay healthy. The dry air, biting cold and lack of sunshine can really take a toll. However, there are some simple, natural ways that can help you endure the winter months. Here are some natural wellness […]Read More »

Top 10 Wellness Items for the Holidays

By Amy Haggerty on December 17, 2015 0 Comment

This is one time of year when you really want to feel your best. But travel, family gatherings, gift shopping and numerous get-togethers can be minefields of health woes—from cold and flu bugs to hangovers. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to staying well this winter and enjoying it all. Here’s your cheat sheet […]Read More »

Holiday Survival Tips

By Katie Volney on December 10, 2015 0 Comment

Holiday stress, travel, cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours can make us more susceptible to feeling down. Here are a few of our favorite holiday survival tips. Take 5-10 minutes for yourself each day. Spend 5 -10 minutes away from friends and family to do something you enjoy, such as listening to music or doing […]Read More »

Kick Start Your Immune System for Fall

By Katie Volney on October 26, 2015 0 Comment

Boosting your immune system before cold and flu season gets in to full swing is important, which is why our employees have pulled together their top 10 favorite products for boosting the immune system.   Gaia’s Black Elderberry Syrup: Cold and flu season beware! Our wellness team swears by this product, a natural concentration of immune-boosting […]Read More »

Natural Warm Weather Skin Care

By Amy Haggerty on June 18, 2015 0 Comment

Pro: Warm weather is here. Con: Harsh UV rays and bugs are too. Don’t let common skin ailments keep you from enjoying the warmth of the upcoming season with these proactive prevention tips and natural remedies: Prep your skin for sun by exfoliating wisely, cleansing regularly and wearing sunblock. Because skin absorbs up to 60% […]Read More »

Winter Skin Care: Natural Tips from the Co-op

By Amy Haggerty on January 13, 2015 0 Comment

Our skin is the body’s largest organ—it acts as a water resistant, insulating shield, protecting the body against extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. But the dry air and chilly temperatures of winter can really test the limits of this protection, leaving us itchy and chapped. Since it protects US, it makes sense that […]Read More »