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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes That Aren’t Boring

By Amy Haggerty on November 20, 2015 0 Comment

Your Thanksgiving feast doesn’t have to end! We’ve found the best recipes to transform your leftovers from boring to brilliant.   Leftover Turkey and Sweet Potato Frittata Start the day after Thanksgiving off right with this delicious breakfast. Get the recipe     Thanksgiving Turkey and Waffles Sandwich One-up your usual Thanksgiving leftover sandwich with […]Read More »

Healthy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

By Constance Carlson on October 14, 2015 0 Comment

Halloween is an opportunity for strengthening community, with many people walking door-to-door around their neighborhoods. It’s a time to foster imaginations as kids (and adults) dress up as superheroes, princesses or villains. It’s a time of delivering treats, seeing gap-toothed grins and hearing “thank you” from Elsa and Harry Potter as they head down the […]Read More »

Holiday Survival Guide – Top 10 Winter Wellness Finds

By Amy Haggerty on December 9, 2014 1 Comment

This is one time of year when you really want to feel your best. But travel, family gatherings, gift shopping and numerous get-togethers can be minefields of health woes—from cold and flu bugs to hangovers. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to staying well this winter and enjoying it all. Here’s your cheat sheet […]Read More »

Egg Nog Taste Test

By Amy Haggerty on December 3, 2014 3 Comments

Holiday parties have begun and if you happen to be hosting one, you might want to serve some creamy eggnog. With several varieties to choose from, it might seem a daunting task to figure out which one will be best for your party crowd. Don’t worry, we conducted nonscientific taste test for you! Seven Lakewinds […]Read More »

Make Aheads for Thanksgiving

By Jill Holter on November 17, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Jill Krantz – Events and Community Relations Coordinator If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re going to be busy! There are plenty of obvious tasks to do ahead of time – order the turkey, plan your meal, clean your linens, assign dishes for others to bring. ANY item you can check off a list […]Read More »

The Best of Bulk: A Bulk Section Holiday Buyer’s Guide

By Amy Haggerty on November 13, 2014 0 Comment

By Rachel Inman, Bulk Buyer Longtime co-op shoppers will remember that for Lakewinds, the bulk section is where it all began. Since our humble origins as a buying club 40 years ago, we’ve grown to include a double-wide bulk foods aisle featuring a huge selection of top-quality products. Bulk is not only the best way […]Read More »

‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Food

By Amy Haggerty on November 11, 2014 0 Comment

By Amy Haggerty, Marketing Specialist We’re headed into that fun-filled, food-filled time of the year, a season when many of us take part in traditions we look forward to for months. But when it comes to keeping our commitments to organic, sustainable food through all this holiday splendor, it’s not always easy. Lakewinds can help. […]Read More »

Dyeing Eggs Naturally – What I Learned As A Newbie

By Amy Haggerty on April 11, 2014 0 Comment

I’m sure like me, you’ve seen the many recipes for dyeing eggs naturally floating around Pinterest and Facebook. Dyeing eggs with natural ingredients is something that has intrigued me for a while, but this is the first year I actually made the leap and tried it out. And while I didn’t get the spectacular results […]Read More »

Don’t Stress Over Holiday Meals – Prep Ahead of Time!

By Amy Haggerty on December 20, 2013 1 Comment

It’s noon on Christmas day and your kitchen has transformed into an insane asylum; your mother-in-law Judy is trying to take over preparation of every dish, your sister Anne who finds it difficult to prepare canned soup needs all available counter-space to put together her tasty nutritious gelatin “salad”, dad is rummaging around the fridge […]Read More »

Cheese for Hearth and Hospitality

By Amy Haggerty on December 17, 2013 2 Comments

The visitors and the holidays are almost here. The doorbell will soon ring as guests and relatives arrive for food and cheer. A cheese selection can serve as a welcoming centerpiece as your family, friends and neighbors proceed to the table, be it buffet, dinner or dessert.   Merry Christmas A cheerful table of informal […]Read More »