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Perfect Pairs for a Perfect Easy Meal

By Amy Haggerty on February 10, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Jen Hanson – Lakewinds Food Content Coordinator

Lakewinds can help you with great “pairings” to make your meal planning, entertaining, and healthy living easy. Our product standards  ensure that no matter what you choose, you’re getting fresh, nutritious, healthy and safe options for your family.

This month we focus on pairings for an easy yet nutritious weeknight meal. These ideas will make your weeknight meal planning and  preparation as easy as 1+1!

1. Pick up fresh hot soup from our hot bar and a loaf of our signature trail bread for a tasty bread bowl meal big enough to feed 4.

  • Our soups are made from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients.
  • Our bakehouse breads are baked fresh daily, without artificial colors or preservatives

2. Try parmesan tilapia from our meat department’s “Gourmet made Easy” line along with a salad from our salad bar.

  • Our Gourmet made Easy items are handcrafted from original recipes. They will save you time in the kitchen; most items just need to be popped into the oven to heat (tilapia will take only 15-20 minutes in a 350°F oven.  Not a fish fan?  Try one of our chicken options, chicken parmesan and chicken Cordon bleu are my favorites.
  • Our salad bar with over 35 ingredients makes it easy to put together your favorite salad combination when you are short on time (it’s also nice to be able to buy just what you need when you are cooking for 1-2) I chose Spinach, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, croutons and balsamic vinaigrette to serve with the parmesan tilapia.

3. Pick up a container of Lakewinds salsa  and serve over quinoa polenta cakes from our deli.

  • Lakewinds salsa is sold in our produce department, it is  made fresh in-stores in hot and mild.
  • Our quinoa polenta cakes are made simply from just a few wholesome ingredients (sweet corn, quinoa, polenta, yellow onion, roasted red pepper, olive oil and seasonings) and are great served cold or warm (just wrap in foil and heat in the oven for about 10 minutes).

4. Rotisserie chicken and a deli salad

  • Our rotisserie chickens are free of additives, preservatives and hormones. They cost a little more but you will taste the difference and feel better about what you are feeding your family.
  • I like our Emerald Sesame Green salad;  a tasty mix of kale, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic and tamari.

5. Minnesota made Sunrise fresh pasta sold in our deli cooler is a super quick and easy main dish (it cooks in 2-3 minutes), and is especially delicious with one of our new Urbani Truffle Thrills sauces (I tried the Cream and Truffles flavor). Just cook the pasta, drain all but about 1/8  cup of the cooking water, stir in the sauce and allow to heat for 1-2 more minutes. Imagine that, a gourmet meal in about 5 minutes! If you don’t like truffles, how about a good red sauce.  Mom’s Garlic and Basil jarred pasta sauce is one of my favorite products in the store, it tastes almost as good as homemade.

6. Are you looking for a special Valentine’s evening meal idea? Try a surf & turf option from our meat department; for a limited time we will have 2-4oz beef tenderloins or 2-4oz  lobster tails for $13.99 each.  Lobster is much easier to prepare than most people think, follow our simple preparation instructions here;



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