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Helping Lakewinds Shine: Veronica Penson

By Jill Holter on May 10, 2016 0 Comment
Veronica Penson

Veronica Penson has worked at the Lakewinds store in Richfield since the day it opened its doors. She shared her story of how she came to Lakewinds, why she loves her work, and why work IS her family. Q: Where are you from, originally? A: I was born in Chicago, the oldest of six kids. […]Read More »

New Burrito Bar to Love: Housemade, Organic, Delicious

By Renee Whisnant on May 3, 2016 2 Comments
Burrito Bar at Lakewinds Minnetonka

      Want homemade, delicious food but don’t have time to cook? Us too. That’s why our Minnetonka store opened a Sandwich and Burrito bar, made with Minnesota heritage pork, local beef, housemade sauces and more. “The Barbacoa takes 36 hours of marinating in a traditional guajillo chile marinade,” says Lakewinds Manager of Deli […]Read More »

Healthy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

By Constance Carlson on October 14, 2015 0 Comment

Halloween is an opportunity for strengthening community, with many people walking door-to-door around their neighborhoods. It’s a time to foster imaginations as kids (and adults) dress up as superheroes, princesses or villains. It’s a time of delivering treats, seeing gap-toothed grins and hearing “thank you” from Elsa and Harry Potter as they head down the […]Read More »

Grilled Cheese & Homemade Tomato Soup: The Perfect Comfort Food for Fall

By Amy Haggerty on September 24, 2015 1 Comment
Homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Guest Post by Katie Parker of Veggie and the Beast With the arrival of chilly evenings and cooler weather, I’m craving comfort foods. Warm soup and a hot sandwich hit the spot. Personally I love that ultimate combo—homemade tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. With local tomatoes and fresh basil in season at your […]Read More »

40 Years, 40 Reasons to Love Lakewinds

By Renee Whisnant on September 16, 2015 0 Comment

For 40 years, Lakewinds has been honored to serve and be a part of our local community. As your local co-op, we are grateful for the support of the people who shop at our locations, our 20,000-plus member-owners and staff. As we mark our 40th anniversary, we’re taking time to reflect on what we do […]Read More »

Announcing Fresh Food Delivery from Lakewinds

By Renee Whisnant on September 15, 2015 0 Comment
Fresh Food Delivery Now Available from Lakewinds

We at Lakewinds are happy to announce a new service for our community. We’ve partnered with Instacart to bring local, fresh food delivery to you, affordably. When you order groceries online from Lakewinds and Instacart, a personal shopper in your area shops and delivers your groceries to you! It’s easy for you to enjoy the […]Read More »

Local Co-op Reflections: 40 Years at Lakewinds

By Renee Whisnant on September 11, 2015 0 Comment
Lakewinds Local Co-op – The Original Red Shack

Since Lakewinds’ beginning in 1975, the local co-op has had a fruitful (pun intended) existence. The local co-op evolved from its original, small “red shack” to today’s three locations and online delivery via Instacart. With its current inventory of countless products, including thousands that are produced locally, it can be hard to remember Lakewinds’ humble […]Read More »

3-2-1 SNACK!

By Jill Holter on September 8, 2015 0 Comment

Backpack snacks, after school snacks, on-the-way-to-practice snacks . . . Lakewinds has you covered. Try our simple formula for colorful, nutritious and delicious munchies you can grab and go. Choose something from each category below and liven up your snack offerings. Buy ingredients in bulk at Lakewinds to save money and avoid packaging waste. Reusable […]Read More »